I’ve had a couple of set-backs recently. First of all, I got my 6-monthly royalty payment from Arkhouse. 20% of two print-on-demand sales: NZD3.77 less Paypal transaction fees! Add to that my online sales through Amazon: 4 books with a royalty of $4.80 which I don’t get, because of Amazon’s rules. Then, to top it off, I got a call from the only bookshop in Tauranga that stocks my book, asking for me to collect my remaining stock as I hadn’t made any sales in a year 🙁

However, I’ve just written a piece about failure in my third book Golden City:

Deep inside her, something clicked. She had a choice. She could start to make things better. Failing didn’t make her a failure. Giving up did. Well, she wasn’t going to give up.

So, I think I’ll take a piece of my own advice and not give up. Keep going. After all, you’re only a failure if you stop trying.

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2 thoughts on “Failure?”

  1. That’s a bit of a shame :(. But we all love your books and I think you are doing an amazing job!
    Fantastic advice from your book 😊 Never give up.
    I can’t wait for Golden City!

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