Mission accomplished!

My first draft of Golden City is COMPLETE! I wrote from 7.30am to 4.45pm (7.5 hours) on Tuesday, adding 4,400 words to my manuscript. Then on Wednesday I wrote for nearly five hours, adding just over 4,000 words. I use the word ‘adding’ deliberately, because there was a fair amount of writing, then deleting and rewriting that went on. My final word count is just under 41,000 words.

Obviously, this is just the first cut. Now I will need to go back through and see if it flows properly or if there are any big holes in the story. Or if I’ve changed a character’s name partway through (done that before!).

It feels very, very strange to have finally brought this story to its conclusion, after harbouring it inside me for fifteen years! Whoop whoop!

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