Finally! First Amazon royalty!

After advertising on Amazon since April 2019 (16 months ago) I have FINALLY received my first royalty payment!

The top chart is book sales. The only sales I made prior to starting to advertise on Amazon were when I launched my first 2 e-books on Amazon: June 2018 for Medar and April 2019 for Tyrelia. Each sale represents around $2 royalty.

The bottom chart is Kindle page reads. I only realised that my books weren’t signed up to Kindle unlimited in Feb 2020. This has turned out to make more money per book than e-book sales. I might make $7 off a book, when it only costs $4 to purchase.

Anyhow, when I started to sell books, I read the Amazon royalty conditions, and saw that I had to wait 60 days after the sale to get the royalties. But even after the 60 days, no royalty. Then I discovered that I had to earn US$100 royalties, before they would pay out anything (for a wireless transfer – if I had an account in the US they’d pay out straight away). I had made sales on Amazon platforms in the US, Australia and the UK. I added up that I’d made $100 across all the platforms and eagerly waited 60 days after that to get my royalties. No payment. THEN I found out that, oh no, I had to make the $100 on a single platform!

So, finally, after launching Golden City, I made the $100 threshold on the US platform. Hurrah! But given that I’ve only got $3 on the UK and $17 on the Australian platforms, looks like it might be a while before those land in my account 🙂

Book 1 Medar – published August 2017. Click here to purchase.

Book 2 Tyrelia – published March 2019. Click here to purchase.

Book 3 Golden City – published November 2020. Click here to purchase.

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