Another milestone!

I’ve set myself a number of goals so I get a sense of achievement in this writerly game. Things like:

  1. Receive royalty from Amazon (achieved last month!)
  2. Break-even on the cost of producing my books
  3. Get my Amazon marketing campaigns into positive ACOS (ie earn more than I spend 🙂 )
  4. Win an award for one of my books

Well, one of my goals was to sell over 500 books…and sometime since releasing Golden City I finally achieved that goal! That’s across all 3 books, in all formats (paperback or e-book) and all sales platforms.

Unfortunately I am a long way off achieving any of my profitability goals. So that is my focus this year: make more money than I spend (easier said than done when I make less than a dollar per e-book sale…)

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