The Tablet – a Realmshift Trilogy Prequel

The Tablet: a Realmshift Prequel released in May 2023.

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Back-cover blurb

Fourteen-year-old Aleryck is good with a slingshot and at herding goats, but not much else. When the mysterious voice of ‘The Ancient’ tasks him with inscribing words of freedom on a magical tablet, he starts to believe he is important … more important even than his elder brothers. Then the Ancient asks Aleryck to hide the tablet in Medar–beyond the perilous Chasm–for future generations, forcing Aleryck to reluctantly seek the help of his jealous siblings.

Left for dead in the treacherous Wastelands when his brother, Taran, steals the tablet, it soon becomes a race against time to recover the tablet or it will be lost forever.

If Aleryck and Taran can’t settle their differences and learn to work together to fulfil the task, the people of Medar will be enslaved for all eternity.