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In August 2017, my first book in the Realm Trilogy, Medar, was published. Click here to buy a hardcopy or E-book version.

The second book in the Trilogy, Tyrelia, is due early 2019 and Golden City in 2021.


Abbie (13y) – Beta reader for Tyrelia

“Most of the manuscript has no notes. This is because I was enjoying it too much to pick up my pencil! But overall, I think this is an absolutely fantastic story and the perfect sequel we have all been waiting for!”


Tyrelia – the perfect sequel

A story full of secrets and mystery. Manssen’s story will capture the imaginations of both young and old. Freya an unlikely heroine, uses her many skills to unravel the secrets of the mysterious tablet while being pursued by those determined to stand in her way.

Gayel Collinson

A story full of mystery, for both young and old – 5 stars