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My books – Realm Trilogy

Book 1 Medar – published August 2017. Click here to purchase.

Book 2 Tyrelia – published March 2019. Click here to purchase.

Book 3 Golden City – due in 2021.

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Loved the development of the character Freya and the new character Willow. Like in Medar the descriptions of places transports you right there. Rube’s adventures in the Golden City help to explain events but not giving anything away. Couldn’t put the book down read it in a day!
This is a great second book and looking forward to the next one. – Tracey Sherer

Tyrelia: A great read, keeps you thinking and right in the story the whole way

Abbie (13y) – Beta reader for Tyrelia

“Most of the manuscript has no notes. This is because I was enjoying it too much to pick up my pencil! But overall, I think this is an absolutely fantastic story and the perfect sequel we have all been waiting for!”


Tyrelia – the perfect sequel