I’ve had a couple of set-backs recently. First of all, I got my 6-monthly royalty payment from Arkhouse. 20% of two print-on-demand sales: NZD3.77 less Paypal transaction fees! Add to that my online sales through Amazon: 4 books with a royalty of $4.80 which I don’t get, because of Amazon’s rules. Then, to top it off, I got a call from the only bookshop in Tauranga that stocks my book, asking for me to collect my remaining stock as I hadn’t made any sales in a year 😦

However, I’ve just written a piece about failure in my third book Golden City:

Deep inside her, something clicked. She had a choice. She could start to make things better. Failing didn’t make her a failure. Giving up did. Well, she wasn’t going to give up.

So, I think I’ll take a piece of my own advice and not give up. Keep going. After all, you’re only a failure if you stop trying.

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Golden City – killing off characters

I managed to write over 2,000 words this week, but somehow haven’t managed them in a single chapter. I accidentally introduced four new characters, which was handy because I’ve killed some off, and I needed some more. But I hadn’t planned on so many.

This requires a bit more thinking about what their character traits are. What do they look like? What are their flaws? Strengths? They do need to be a bit nasty, as I am going to be using them for a bullying scene.

If you have any stories about bullying that you’re happy to share with me, I’d appreciate it.

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Golden City – challenges to solve

The past few weekends I’ve managed to write a chapter each weekend. Now I’ve written eight and I reckon I’m a third of the way through the story. I’ve written 16,000 words and counting.

It’s amazing (or scary) how I don’t remember what I wrote previously. I have to constantly refer back to my previous books to see if my character had hair (nope, he was bald) or how I described a certain thing, like the Caves or the obelisk in the Shady Desert.

Even though I’ve mapped out the story arcs even better than I had for my other two books, it still takes ages to write, because I have to work out the detail. How exactly will Freya and Willow convince Alex to join the Adelphi? Why would Thyst end up in the Level One well?

By the way, if you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them!

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Golden City – a fifth of the way there…

I’ve started writing the first draft of the Golden City (third book in the Realm Trilogy) in earnest. Today I passed ten thousand words. Both the other books were around fifty thousand words, so that means I’m a fifth of the way there. Another way of looking at it is that I’ve written the first five chapters, and I’ve mapped out content for 22 chapters (which will invariably take at least 25 to 30 when written), which also puts me about a fifth of the way there.

And to think, when I first imagined the content of the three books, I only had one sentence for this third book.

The last two weekends, I’ve managed to write one chapter each weekend. At this rate, I might get the first draft written by the end of the year! Then I can do my proof read and first edit over the holidays. I’ll be looking for some beta readers for early next year. Let me know if you’re interested.

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Secret Anagrams

My book titles Medar and Tyrelia are both anagrams. I know, sneaky, right? I’ll leave them up to you to figure out. My third book, however, is going to simply be Golden City.

“But it should be an anagram!” My sister Rachel insisted.

“Well, you make that into an anagram, and maybe I’ll use it,” I retorted, thinking that’ll never work!

Today, my curiosity got the better of me. I used an anagram generator to see what anagrams can be made out of ‘Golden City’. Well, I’ll be blowed, there’s some really good ones. There’s some really funny ones too, mind you. For example:

  • Cold gin yet?
  • Clingy tode
  • Gold nicety

But then a couple of really appropriate ones popped out:

  • Gold icy net,

and, my personal favourite:

  • Decoy glint.

Because these last two are, effectively, what the Golden City is!

But I’m still calling my third book ‘Golden City’. Maybe I’ll pretend that it was ‘Decoy glint’ all along, and ‘Golden City’ is the anagram 🙂