Tyrelia – back cover blurb

She escaped death. She unlocked the mystery of the Tablet to discover the long-lost bridge across the chasm. She passed through the Wall. But fourteen-year-old Freya’s biggest challenge is yet to come: all alone, she must enter Tyrelia, following new clues that lead her on a new quest deep into Tyrelia. All communication lost, will Freya to find the Ancient before it’s too late for her family trapped in the Golden City, who are torn between trying to escape and being seduced by the guiles of the City?

Tyrelia is the second book in the Realm Trilogy.

“Tyrelia is the perfect sequel we’ve all been waiting for.” Abbie, beta reader.

Does it grab you?

100 milestones

On the cusp of publishing my second book, I have been notified that I have just reached 100 followers on my Author facebook page (thank you!). Also, according to my records, I reached 100 sales of my book Medar a month or so ago. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s a start. However, at $2 income per book, I’m not giving up my day job!

Thanks everyone.

I’ve created an imprint!

I have decided to self-publish Tyrelia. So I needed to create an imprint, which is the name of the publisher. So, because I’m self-publishing, I just have to make something up. I had to come up with something quite quickly, as I needed an imprint in order to apply to the NZ National Library for my free ISBN.

I decided to call it ‘Manssen Publishing House’, then I used my subscription to Depositphotos to source a suitable logo. This is what I’ve come up with:

mph imprintFeels quite official!

The Royal Order of Adjectives

I never knew there was such a thing, obviously, as my editor has pulled me up on this a number of times. The rule is that you don’t put commas between adjectives unless they are of the same class. There are nine (!!) classes of adjectives, and you order them a certain way. I’ve had to study this article to brush up on it: http://theeditorsblog.net/2014/04/08/keeping-adjectives-in-line/

For example, I had written: “Freya sidled up to a gnarly, old apple tree that grew in the front yard.”

It’s been corrected to: “Freya sidled up to a gnarled old apple tree that grew in the front yard.”

No comma, because ‘gnarled’ belongs to the shape category and ‘old’ the age category.

Similarly, “the collar of the pale blue, homespun shirt. ” has been corrected to “the collar of the pale blue homespun shirt.”

I think it’s going to take some practice before it becomes second-nature.

Tyrelia – the good and the bad news

I’ve received my manuscript back from my editor Grace Bridges.

The good news is – I’ve improved markedly since she edited Medar three-and-a-half years ago. That time it took me 18 months to work through the 5 pages of notes and tracked changes. This time it’s 1.5 pages of notes (I need to work on my dialogue attributions, tags and ordering of adjectives) and there’s only a couple areas of the plot that I need to work on.

The bad news is, I won’t get it done before Christmas. Reworking the manuscript will be my project over the Christmas/New Year break.

The good news is: Grace can help me with my cover design and getting Tyrelia print-ready formatted. And then hopefully get it printed in January! Feeling optimistic.