Tyrelia feedback – part 3

It’s a disaster!

Well, that’s the advice I’ve been given: I need to start my story with a crisis. In fact, I need to start all three story lines each with their own crises. This will mean completely re-writing the first eight chapters of my book. At least.

What crisis would you have a fourteen year old girl encounter, when she’s entered an unknown world all alone?

Beta reader feedback on Tyrelia – part 2

On Friday I was asked how I cope with my work being criticized. I responded that, whilst letting other people read my story makes me feel very vulnerable, it’s also hugely important consider their feedback and not take it personally. Sure, I don’t necessarily take every suggestion on board, but it can be hard not to be defensive about every little suggestion!

So, recently I read out my first chapter to my local writers’ group. And it got torn to shreds. Well, perhaps that’s a tad dramatic. Let’s say that I received a generous amount of constructive criticism 🙂 Basically, I need to start with a better hook and not try to recap the whole book of Medar in the first chapter. I can flash-back to it later on – and probably use much of the material later on in the story. I haven’t quite figured out how to re-write it, but I know that Tyrelia will be better when I have.

Watch this space.

Getting my book out there – part two

Exciting times! I’ve just published my very first e-book on 8th June 2018. It’s been quite a journey since receiving the e-pub file from my publisher in October 2017: first I had to set up my author account on Smashwords. That took a while with the whole drama of trying to get a US tax number (check out my blog posts about that here and here). I set up PayPal and dedicated bank accounts. I researched how to market an e-book and discovered that a good strategy is to put it out for pre-order. In this way the orders all go through on a single date and are more likely to boost your sales rankings (which are influenced by number of sales within a 24-hr period). Upon releasing my book on Smashwords for pre-order, I quickly discovered that the format was not suitable for kindles. For that I needed to convert the file into a .mobi file and set up an Amazon account. Upon conversion I was notified of an error – the word “ched” in Chapter 3. Aaargh!

I figured out that this was due to the large letter J interfering with the text in the sentences below causing the word ‘clutched’ to be truncated. I have requested my publisher to fix this time and again, but to no avail. *sigh* So apologies to my readers for that, I hope to get it fixed soon.

I decided to give the pre-order six months to allow me to market it and (hopefully) accumulate heaps of pre-orders. I also wanted to give myself time to finish off the sequel, Tyrelia, so that when all my new fans have finished reading Medar, they won’t have to wait too long for the next book!

In the meantime, I got serious about trying to promote my book. In December I was interviewed by my local newspaper and some local bookshops took my book. In January I launched this website and started blogging. I had some business cards made. I tried to make noise via my author Facebook page and Instagram page.

I watched webinars about how to enhance my book’s success. I researched the Amazon categories and applied to be added to a somewhat obscure category that might give me a chance to earn a ‘best-seller badge’.

And finally, yesterday, the big day arrived. My e-book went live. The pre-orders went out. Eight on one day and two the next. The lowest ranking I achieved was #25 in one category. Oh well, I tried.

Still, the main thing is that my book it out there now. If you read it and like it, please leave a review. After all, word of mouth is the best recommendation.

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