You can help make me a best-seller!

How? I hear you ask. Well, I’ve been doing some research about how the whole Amazon rankings and categories system works, and it turns out that you can calculate how many books per day someone in a particular category sells to become the #1 bestseller.  Then all I need to do is sell one more book than them!

Once you manage to become a #1 best-seller, you can claim that ranking as a ‘badge’, even when you slip down the rankings – that is, if I manage to become the #1 best-seller for even one day, then I can legitimately claim that my book is a #1 best-seller. And then supposedly I will show up in more searches and my book will sell more.

I’ve managed to get my book into a category where I will need to sell 21 books in a day to make the #1. I currently have 7 pre-orders for my book Medar. So I need 14 more pre-orders to hit that #1 spot on 8 June when it releases.

Are you willing to help me? If so, then:

  • Pre-order my book on Amazon (for kindle) or Smashwords (for other)
  • Share this message via your networks


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