I missed out on the Caleb Award

The above is a screenshot from the website.In the end the award ceremony was held online (yes, due to the pandemic), which was great because it meant that I could attend.

I really thought I had a chance in taking this one out. This was the fourth time one of my books had made it through to being a finalist. I’d already had 3 disappointments. Surely, this time I’d finally do it? After all, this was my last book. My last chance, as most awards are only open to books published in the previous 12 months.

I dialled in (well past my bedtime!) and waited with baited breath. But the winner was The Apprentice (and well deserved, too, by all accounts). Sigh.

Since then I’ve been very deflated. This award ceremony was back in October 2021. I haven’t posted anything since July! Sorry about that. I promise to pull myself up by my bootstraps and soldier on.

Book 1 Medar – published August 2017. Click here to purchase.

Book 2 Tyrelia – published March 2019. Click here to purchase.

Book 3 Golden City – published November 2020. Click here to purchase.

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