What’s the Point (of View)?

Tauranga Writers Sunday Focus Presentation on POV

A couple of weeks ago I had the privelege of presenting at the Tauranga Writers monthly ‘Sunday Focus’ session. I chose the topic “Seeing the world through our characters’ eyes” because I’ve recently started doing paid manuscript assessments, and getting the Point of View (POV) right is a fundamental concept to grasp. I also spoke about dialogue tags, action beats, Show not Tell and filters.

It was really useful pulling the presentation together, as it forced me to research properly, and I’ve now got a great resource for providing this advice to others whenever it’s needed.

Until you try to write a novel, you don’t really understand how this stuff all works. But once you ‘get’ it, it make your writing so much better: it’s the difference between being told a story, and experiencing the story through the character’s eyes.

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