Beta reader feedback on Tyrelia – part 2

On Friday I was asked how I cope with my work being criticized. I responded that, whilst letting other people read my story makes me feel very vulnerable, it’s also hugely important consider their feedback and not take it personally. Sure, I don’t necessarily take every suggestion on board, but it can be hard not to be defensive about every little suggestion!

So, recently I read out my first chapter to my local writers’ group. And it got torn to shreds. Well, perhaps that’s a tad dramatic. Let’s say that I received a generous amount of constructive criticism 🙂 Basically, I need to start with a better hook and not try to recap the whole book of Medar in the first chapter. I can flash-back to it later on – and probably use much of the material later on in the story. I haven’t quite figured out how to re-write it, but I know that Tyrelia will be better when I have.

Watch this space.

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