Secret Anagrams

My book titles Medar and Tyrelia are both anagrams. I know, sneaky, right? I’ll leave them up to you to figure out. My third book, however, is going to simply be Golden City.

“But it should be an anagram!” My sister Rachel insisted.

“Well, you make that into an anagram, and maybe I’ll use it,” I retorted, thinking that’ll never work!

Today, my curiosity got the better of me. I used an anagram generator to see what anagrams can be made out of ‘Golden City’. Well, I’ll be blowed, there’s some really good ones. There’s some really funny ones too, mind you. For example:

  • Cold gin yet?
  • Clingy tode
  • Gold nicety

But then a couple of really appropriate ones popped out:

  • Gold icy net,

and, my personal favourite:

  • Decoy glint.

Because these last two are, effectively, what the Golden City is!

But I’m still calling my third book ‘Golden City’. Maybe I’ll pretend that it was ‘Decoy glint’ all along, and ‘Golden City’ is the anagram 🙂

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