Golden City – a fifth of the way there…

I’ve started writing the first draft of the Golden City (third book in the Realm Trilogy) in earnest. Today I passed ten thousand words. Both the other books were around fifty thousand words, so that means I’m a fifth of the way there. Another way of looking at it is that I’ve written the first five chapters, and I’ve mapped out content for 22 chapters (which will invariably take at least 25 to 30 when written), which also puts me about a fifth of the way there.

And to think, when I first imagined the content of the three books, I only had one sentence for this third book.

The last two weekends, I’ve managed to write one chapter each weekend. At this rate, I might get the first draft written by the end of the year! Then I can do my proof read and first edit over the holidays. I’ll be looking for some beta readers for early next year. Let me know if you’re interested.

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