Golden City – off to the printers!

I think I’ve got everything sorted. Should get the final proof back from my editor tomorrow, then will get the printers to print a proof copy.

When I got Medar published, I didn’t get a proof copy done. They’re quite expensive (over $100), and I was sure I’d checked the PDF. But what an expensive mistake to make: 100 books with a formatting error. A hundred books I couldn’t sell, but still had to buy myself. And, because they’d been printed in Australia, I then got slapped with a $200 customs bill. Ouch!

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Golden City – getting closer!

Realm Trilogy Book 3

Cover designed – tick

Final edit of manuscript – tick

ISBN numbers orders – tick

Pre-orders available on Amazon – tick

Still left to do:

  1. Figure out how to get the hyperlink for people to leave reviews, when the book isn’t live yet
  2. Add the ISBN barcode onto the cover wrapper
  3. Get a quote from the printers including paper thickness. This will allow me to calculate the spine thickness so I can then
  4. Finalise the print cover wrapper (ie set the spine width)

It’s so close I can smell it ๐Ÿ™‚

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