Geysercon – Rotorua, Queen’s birthday weekend

Do you love science fiction and fantasy?

Are you a sci-fi or fantasy writer?

Do you teach English?

Or are you a fan of sci-fi and fantasy games and movies?

As the website says: Come to GeyserCon, New Zealand’s 40th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

There will be heaps going on, from writing workshops by international guest authors for youth of all ages, an all-weekend Book Expo, events with international cosplay guests, workshops on writing fight scenes, fantasy mapping, cover design, the nuts and bolts of writing and editing, using mythology, marketing your books, fantasy makeup, zines, cosplay, filking, making your own ray gun, board gaming, a radio play and finding out the latest news from Weta and loads more!

I will certainly be there (I’ve been invited to be on one of the panels). I hope I see you there too!

Geysercon bookstall.png


Austin Macauley are a scam

I was so excited when I saw today that Austin Macauley offered me a co-publishing contract. But when we (my husband and I) looked in to it…we discovered that they are a Vanity Press–ripping their authors off by asking for large amounts of money up-front and taking their copyright. Can’t believe I almost fell for it again (similar thing happened when I submitted Medar to publishers–that time I got offered a contract with XLibris).

So tonight I uploaded my e-book and print-on-demand files to Amazon. Need 72hrs for them to get approved and then they will be available for pre-order.

I feel like I just had a near escape.

Waiting anxiously…

I was on track to self-publish Tyrelia, when I stumbled across an article promoting a whole bunch of publishers who were accepting unsolicited manuscripts now. I hesitated. I was only a week away from self-publishing…and yet. What if this could be a break? What if one of these big publishing houses actually picked my book up? It was too big a chance to pass up. So I submitted the Tyrelia synopsis to two publishers. One has come back and taken the full manuscript for assessment by their board of editors. So now it’s waiting for up to six weeks to hear whether they want it. And if they don’t…well, I’m ready to self publish. Nothing lost but a few weeks of waiting. I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

Tyrelia – back cover blurb

She escaped death. She unlocked the mystery of the Tablet to discover the long-lost bridge across the chasm. She passed through the Wall. But fourteen-year-old Freya’s biggest challenge is yet to come: all alone, she must enter Tyrelia, following new clues that lead her on a new quest deep into Tyrelia. All communication lost, will Freya to find the Ancient before it’s too late for her family trapped in the Golden City, who are torn between trying to escape and being seduced by the guiles of the City?

Tyrelia is the second book in the Realm Trilogy.

“Tyrelia is the perfect sequel we’ve all been waiting for.” Abbie, beta reader.

Does it grab you?

100 milestones

On the cusp of publishing my second book, I have been notified that I have just reached 100 followers on my Author facebook page (thank you!). Also, according to my records, I reached 100 sales of my book Medar a month or so ago. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s a start. However, at $2 income per book, I’m not giving up my day job!

Thanks everyone.