Golden City – off to the printers!

I think I’ve got everything sorted. Should get the final proof back from my editor tomorrow, then will get the printers to print a proof copy.

When I got Medar published, I didn’t get a proof copy done. They’re quite expensive (over $100), and I was sure I’d checked the PDF. But what an expensive mistake to make: 100 books with a formatting error. A hundred books I couldn’t sell, but still had to buy myself. And, because they’d been printed in Australia, I then got slapped with a $200 customs bill. Ouch!

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Golden City – getting closer!

Realm Trilogy Book 3

Cover designed – tick

Final edit of manuscript – tick

ISBN numbers orders – tick

Pre-orders available on Amazon – tick

Still left to do:

  1. Figure out how to get the hyperlink for people to leave reviews, when the book isn’t live yet
  2. Add the ISBN barcode onto the cover wrapper
  3. Get a quote from the printers including paper thickness. This will allow me to calculate the spine thickness so I can then
  4. Finalise the print cover wrapper (ie set the spine width)

It’s so close I can smell it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Earning royalties off Kindle Unlimited – whoop!

My KDP Amazon dashboard

Over the past month this exciting-looking graph has been building on my KDP dashboard. It’s somebody using their ‘Kindle Unlimited’ membership to read my e-book version of Medar. They obviously did a big push at the end. Maybe it got really exciting for them? Now they have started reading Tyrelia.

It’s another way of earning royalties, and it’s pretty much the first time this has happened since I started advertising my books on Amazon. I know I only earn a few cents per page, but still, with much anticipation I checked my royalties. Can you guess?

I have earned a whopping (wait for it … drumroll) $3.25! And that’s US dollars. Sigh. Won’t be leaving my day job ๐Ÿ™‚

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